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At Berkeley International Montessori, it is my goal to create a nurturing, intimate learning environment that feels like an extension of the child’s home and family. It is our intention as Montessorians to instill in children a respect for themselves, others, and a life-long love of learning and the natural world. We believe in the strong partnership between parents and educators to help children reach their highest potential. Our goal is to encourage children to follow their natural curiosities, and also develop the confidence to expand their comfort zone. By maintaining a small class size, our highly experienced educators have the opportunity to provide richer, more individualized attention to your child and family. Our Japanese-English bilingual program is tailored to each family’s goals for fluency and cultural understanding, and our approach will enable students to comprehend, speak, read, and write in both English and Japanese. We believe at BIM that language acquisition is an element of what Maria Montessori described in “Peace Education”-- the philosophy of globalism through cultural exchange. I am honored to take this journey with your family during this critical period of your child’s development and education, and look forward to building our school community together.



Sakiko Takagi

Head of School

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