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At BIM, we are more than just a preschool or private school; we strive to create a welcoming, cross-cultural community. Many of our families have one parent with a heritage in an Asian country, but other families have chosen BIM because they believe in the value of a bilingual education, and/or the Montessori method.

We believe in the partnership between parents and educators to achieve each child’s greatest potential. Therefore, BIM’s parent community is a very active one. The parents at BIM make many contributions to the school and also organize community-building activities throughout the year.

BIM requires each family to contribute 10 volunteer hours per child per year, though many families may choose to do more because of the joy gained from being involved in their child’s school experience with other highly engaged parents. Your child will reap innumerable benefits by witnessing your involvement in their school community, and you will be a direct example of the citizenship lessons we teach in the classroom.

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