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"Wonderful school full of happy and fulfilled kids. A Japanese immersion school with a diverse parent community and I do mean community! The parents are as immersed as the children are, creating a space where we all enjoy being at BIM. The Montessori method works as long as everyone involved communicate and strive for a unified end goal. Independent minded children are able to do incredible and inspiring things. The school values work ethic, passion for the arts, and invite joy and marvel into mealtimes. I am forever grateful for our family's experience at BIM."

-M S


"Our Son has been at BIM for about a month now.  He was previously at a different Japanese immersion school but was having some challenges with it.  We signed him up for BIM and I have to say it's been fantastic.  The teachers are really wonderful, I can see their genuine care for the children and fantastic ability to work with them...  I wish I could spend more time with the teachers!  We are excited to have our third child attend the school later this Fall."

-Aaron B.

"We miss BIM so much! My son went to BIM for about 1.5yr until we relocated to SoCal. It's been a couple of months since he started his new school, and he still talks about how he misses his friends and wants to go back to his old school. The teachers at BIM are so patient and caring - they take the time to cater and guide each student to their specific needs, and they would partner with the parents to ensure we help them thrive.

 Although my partner and I would speak English at home, my son would come home speaking Japanese and was able to communicate with his grandparents in Japanese. We were impressed. We also miss the other BIM families - such a fantastic, irreplaceable community that's warm and supportive of one another."


"'Saki-sensei's school is the best! She doesn't force me to do anything and I can work with all of the materials that I want to!' My husband and I love observing the development of our son's intrinsic love of learning and his self-motivation. I could go on forever, but the last point I will make is the huge plus of the full Japanese language immersion! I don't know how we lucked out with finding (and being accepted to join) BIM but we are so grateful everyday that our son is able to attend BIM for his early childhood education."

-Angela O.

"BIM is a wonderful place for children to learn all kinds of wonderful things and create long lasting friendships. Our daughter is excited to attend every single day and I am continually impressed in her ability to exceed my expectations with her Japanese language skills. We love BIM!"

-A I

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