"Our Son has been at BIM for about a month now.  He was previously at a different Japanese immersion school but was having some challenges with it.  We signed him up for BIM and I have to say it's been fantastic.  The teachers are really wonderful, I can see their genuine care for the children and fantastic ability to work with them...  I wish I could spend more time with the teachers!  We are excited to have our third child attend the school later this Fall."

-Aaron B.

"Our twins were under the stewardship of almost all of these teachers at their sister school AIM (American International Montessori).  The results were palpable.  We saw immediate and sustained growth in our kids.  Words cannot express our appreciation. I have infinite respect for these teachers and their methods."

-Dakin F.

"My 4.5 years old son learned hiragana and katakana already! Teachers have many years of experience to teach all subjects and life skills, and my son loves showing what he learned at school when he comes back home."

-Kiyoe N.

"My son was taught by the BIM teachers at another Japanese/English immersion Montessori school (AIM) when he was younger. The teachers are native Japanese speakers with years of experience in teaching Montessori environment. The director, Saki sensei, was the go-to person whenever my husband and I needed advice on guiding my son in a Montessori way. I highly recommend this group of staff at BIM."

-Kaori N.

"If you’re serious about the Montessori method and serious about language immersion, I don’t think you’ll find a better group of caring and supportive teachers. Our daughter thrived under the guidance of Saki sensei."

Steve N.